We're located at 450 Jefferson Blvd., right in the heart of Big Lake, Minnesota. You'll find us in the two-story building on the south side of Highway 10. It's the happy-looking purple and blue one—because we're fancy like that.


  1. Enter into Big Lake from any direction
  2. Turn onto Highway 10, which is also called Jefferson Blvd.
  3. You'll see our happy building on the South side of the road
  4. At the Eagle Lake Road intersection, turn south and wrap around the block
  5. Our parking entrance is off Putnam Ave., which runs parallel to Highway 10

Other Local Businesses

If you're unfamiliar with the area, let us recommend a few Big Lake favorites:

  • Cambo Flare - Located on the East side of Big Lake, outside the city center. Cambo has the most amazing Cambodian food and the owner is part of a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. Must see!
  • Big Lake Floral - Located next door. Beautiful arrangements, excellent customer service, and a far better experience than online alternatives.
  • Groom My Friend - Dog grooming for those who love their canine that much. The crew over there does great work, and will care for your pup.
  • Hannay Electric - Quality electric work done right, and with phenomenal customer service. If you need a crew with integrity, this is it!

Do YOU know of a business in Big Lake worth mentioning? Let us know!