At Ember Coffee Company, we believe that everyone deserves to drink the best. There are very few things in the world that we all have access to the best in the world version of, but coffee is one of those things.

We are passionate about sourcing the best coffee and thoughtfully roasting it to bring out its flavor, which is why we partner with Duluth Coffee Company. They work hard to keep their prices accessible to consumers and wholesale partners, all the while sourcing from importers and distributors who work to take care of the coffee farmers.

Duluth Coffee Company values and nurtures direct relationships with their farmers. Here's their mission statement:

“Our mission is to source, roast and craft coffee with integrity and intentionality. We strive to evolve the community of coffee through accessibility and education. Coffee is our vessel for improving the lives of everyone from origin to cup.”

Working with a roaster who doesn't sacrifice integrity for the sake of profit is a non-negotiable for us. We are agents of change, community builders, and "do-gooders" and we're inviting you to join us on this journey—one cup of coffee at a time.


Not officially, but let us explain. Our roaster and importer work exclusively with small farms. What this means is that our coffee is bought at above fair trade prices and more of that money gets into the hands of the actual farmer, which, in the end, strengthens their community and their business.

While we love the philosophy behind the fair trade certification, we believe that this is a more ethical system that involves an actual hands on approach from our importer. This then guarantees that the system is working. In the end we believe this is better for everyone involved, especially the growers.