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Night Owl: A Symphony of Flavor

We are thrilled to unveil our darkest roast to date, the Night Owl Limited Edition Roast, a carefully crafted French roast that explores the untapped richness of the distinctive Mundo Novo beans from the revered CESMACH cooperative in Mexico.

Originating from the lush, vibrant landscapes of Sierra Madre, Chiapas, these beans are a product of passion, quality, and dedication from the smallholder members of CESMACH. The farms are nestled in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, a place renowned as one of the most diverse forest reserve areas globally, providing a haven for thousands of plant and animal species and home to Mesoamerica's largest cloud forest. The unique ecosystem and ideal conditions of this region, such as heirloom coffee varieties like Bourbon and Typica and altitudes ranging from 1200–1750 masl, contribute to the exquisite, nuanced flavors of the coffee produced here.

The beans are meticulously processed, washed, and then roasted to a bold 460F, revealing a graceful intensity and complex flavor profile. A mellow, citric essence is intertwined with indulgent notes of cocoa and praline, offering a tantalizing dance of flavors with every sip, concluded with hints of hazelnut and sorghum and a velvety finish.

The commitment to quality from farm managers like Sixto Bonilla and the investments made in quality-control programs by Cafe Imports have elevated the coffee quality to new heights, reinforcing the region's potential to produce truly exceptional coffee. Every bag purchased is not just a transaction but a contribution to the empowerment of these cooperatives and the sustainability of their communities.

This exclusive roast is more than just a beverage; it’s an immersive experience for those who find solace in the serene hours before the break of dawn. It’s a whisper of the untold stories of the silent, mystical highlands of the Sierra Madre and a nod to the nocturnal souls who savor the magic in the moonlight.

The Night Owl offers an extraordinary experience of flavor and intensity, a true symphony from the untamed, rich soils of the Sierra Madre, Chiapas. However, the stock is limited, emphasizing the exclusivity and uniqueness of this roast. Don’t miss the chance to awaken your senses with the Night Owl Limited Edition Roast and savor the bold, untold flavors of the Mexican highlands.

"For those awake before the dawn," embrace the night, embrace the extraordinary. Experience the Night Owl.