About Us

To give you a little snapshot, we’d like to paint a picture with words.

We envision Ember Coffee as a place where you love to be. In your hand you have an artisanal latte made with love. It’s the best coffee anywhere—a form of art. On a plate in front of you is a delicious pastry from a locally-owned business.


It feels like home, like a living room where you want to make memories. The space is safe because kindness rules. You sit on a comfortable couch and open your heart to a friend. It’s easy to make a new friend and keep an old friend here.

Ember Coffee is where small town values are combined with creativity. We value our history and where we came from, yet we also embrace new honorable things. This atmosphere inspires the imagination. Here new artists are born and launched.

Ember Coffee attracts passionate and motivated people who care deeply about our city and are committed to bringing goodness to it. We are more than a coffee shop—we are a community on a mission to bring beauty to every corner of the city that we love: Big Lake.