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At Ember Coffee, we blend the science and art of coffee roasting.

We set ourselves apart from conventional coffee roasters with our unique air-roasting method. This technique reduces the acidity that can cause discomfort for some coffee drinkers, and it also eliminates the burnt bitterness found in most store bought coffees.

Better Beans

We've coupled our love for quality with a pledge to ethical sourcing, resulting in a brew that goes beyond the ordinary. We select beans by hand and ethically source them from premier coffee-producing regions across the world.

We're making an impact, one sustainably sourced bean at a time—and we invite you to taste the difference. Our beans yield a coffee that is rich in flavor and low in acidity.

Better Roast

Air roasting is a distinctive technique in the coffee world, utilized by just 1% of coffee roasters globally. Michael Sivetz, a chemical engineer turned coffee innovator, developed this method in the 1970s. Frustrated with the limitations of traditional roasting methods, he sought a more precise approach. By employing heated air for roasting, Sivetz's method dramatically improved the consistency and control of the roasting process, emphasizing the fine details of flavor.

The mechanics of air roasting are as efficient as they are elegant. Coffee beans are gently floated on a cushion of hot air, ensuring an even and thorough roast. This method avoids the common issues of scorching or burning, prevalent in other roasting techniques. Crucially, it also removes the chaff from the beans, a critical step in preventing bitterness in the final brew.

Better Brew

Our coffee, renowned for its rich flavors and smooth, balanced taste, has not only captivated coffee enthusiasts but has also been embraced by award-winning restaurants and cozy, family-run eateries throughout Minnesota.

This recognition extends to our local community, highlighting the integral role coffee plays in dining experiences. We're also proud to announce that our dedication to quality has earned us the accolade of "Best Coffee" and "Best Coffeehouse" in Minneosta by Star Tribune.

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