Ember Coffee Company

Air Roasting

Coffee is known for its refreshing, energizing appeal, yet many coffee drinkers experience side effects that may leave a negative feeling after drinking. You may associate that burnt or bitter aftertaste, jittery feeling, or nausea with specific roasts or brands that you buy. However, it is often the roasting equipment rather than the beans that is the cause of unwelcome side effects.

That’s why we air roast!

In the entire world, only 1% of all the coffee beans picked and harvested get the privilege of being air roasted. That’s it. We’re proud to be one of a small number of coffee companies in the world to produce air roasted coffee. 

Air roasting is a method of roasting in which the beans are roasted by air rather than the surface of a roaster. This method brings out the aromatic flavors for the “cleanest” beans! No more acids or bitter tars, which you might taste when using a conventional roaster.

Hot air is used in conventional roasters, yet the beans, much like clothing in a dryer, will tumble through the chamber touching the hot surfaces of the roaster. This can result in a scorched or bitter taste when brewing the beans.

When beans are air roasted, the beans actually levitate on a fluidized bed of hot air! The beans stay in constant movement, never touching the hot surfaces of the roaster for more than a millisecond at a time.