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We encourage you to explore the site and stop by our location to get a better understanding and feel for the brand itself. We are active on Facebook and Instagram @embercoffeeco. 

Please reach out to to submit inquiries and applications.


Our little family is constantly growing and we’re always on the lookout for talented baristas to join our team. Whether you're a world barista champion or a coffee enthusiast with no professional experience, we would love to get to know you. But just to be clear, if your passion for coffee is more important than your passion for people, this may not be the job for you. 

Our mission is to turn strangers into friends, serve the best coffee anywhere, and be a place that cultivates creativity and good works.   We are more than a coffee shop - we are a community on a mission, passionate about bringing beauty to every corner of our city.


Hiring for:

  • Barista
  • Shift Supervisor

Address: 450 Jefferson Blvd., Big Lake, MN 55309
Hours: Monday-Friday 6a-6p, Saturday 6a-6p, Sunday CLOSED

Note: Our space will be undergoing construction in December. Please do not plan to visit (yet) as the doors may be locked. Reach out to our General Manager, Emily Leis, at for more information.


Be kind to all. This doesn’t mean fake smiles. It means genuine care for others and the service you’re providing. There are no strangers at Ember, no one on “the outside” or excluded for looking, thinking, believing differently. Things such as simple eye contact and a friendly nod of the head go a long way in this industry. Our customers love the small gestures: remembering their name & drink preferences, a simple smile, etc.

Listening is a must. Customers might want a drink with some very specific variations and it’s our job to make that happen, without a fuss. Cafes can be loud and chaotic at times. Being able to hear an order like “Can I get a 16oz latte, vanilla, oat milk, decaf, extra hot, to-go?” is something you need to be able to do despite the commotion and distractions. Attention to detail is imperative, as is entering orders accurately so our staff can execute correctly.

Chill under pressure. The cafe environment is very fast-paced, both physically and mentally. You must be able to solve small problems directly in front of customers in a professional, friendly manner. Customers may mistake a drink as their own and you will need to keep mental tabs on what’s going on around you. We often roll out new menu items in order to keep our selection fresh. So learning new recipes and combinations will be an ongoing part of the job. If that sounds fun and interesting then you are in the right spot.

Appreciation for food. At Ember, we sell amazing food and drinks and want staff who believe the same. For example, part of the barista skill set is “dialing in espresso” regularly. We want every shot of espresso to be “the perfect shot”. This is a task we will require of all baristas, and will take the time to train you right! We also expect our staff to be knowledgeable of all of our pastries, menu items and beverages that we offer, so that you can make the best recommendations for each customer.

Physical requirements. You will be on your feet the enter shift. This is a fast-paced environment where you may feel a “go go go” sense of urgency. There will be times that you need to take out trash or lift a box of cups which can be heavy. Some items are up high and some are low to the ground, so the ability to adapt when necessary is needed.

Weekends and holidays. New hires are required to have weekend availability. Due to the nature of our business, mornings and weekends are our busiest times and we need all hands on deck during peak hours. Ember is closed on some major holidays, and open limited hours on others. Request-offs for those days, and days leading into the holidays may be limited and you will be required to work your fair share. Holidays are also a very very busy time for our cafes.

When you apply please include availability, your ideal hours, and your schedule preferences. Let us know if your schedule will change per season because of commitments like school or hobbies. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pay & Perks: Your hourly rate will be based on experience, passion, availability, etc. You will also receive pooled tips for each shift after training is completed. You get free coffee when you are on shift, and 50% off your meal each day! We love to foster a “tight-knit” feel amongst our employees and schedule fun social events for the staff, friendly competitions and prizes, etc.

Growth: The typical cafe path starts as a cashier/barista. We are a rapidly growing company so there will always be room to move up and take on more responsibility.


We're honored you've come this far and you're considering applying to one of our positions. Before you smash that apply button, make sure this is the right position for you. We've put together a list of "what not to have" in hopes of saving you time and effort. If you see yourself on this list we encourage you to keep searching elsewhere, the right job is just around the corner.

We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination based on race, politics, religion, gender, age or disabilities. We are a safe space for all peoples. We created Ember Coffee Co. with the intent to create a “living room” for the City of Big Lake, and that includes the responsibility to make a “safe space” for ALL of Big Lake. This includes but is not limited to the young and elderly, liberal and conservative, straight and LGBTQ+, vegans and carnivores—and even the people who prefer Keurig coffee over a pour over. If this statement does not sit well with you, we’d love to still be friends just not coworkers.

Thanks for reading. We hope you apply,