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Mold-Free Coffee: A Specialty Approach

Nestled in the heart of Big Lake, MN, Ember Coffee Co. is committed to delivering an exceptional coffee experience. Our goal is not just to serve you coffee, but to introduce you to the rich world of specialty coffee in Minnesota. We take enormous pride in our detailed sourcing and roasting process, choosing only the finest specialty-grade coffees.

In light of the recent concerns about molds and mycotoxins in coffee, we would like to assure our customers that our meticulously sourced and processed coffees are virtually mold-free. This commitment to quality isn't just about taste, but ensuring a healthy and enjoyable coffee experience as well.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our green coffee importer, although not explicitly labeling their products as “Mold Free,” showcases an unwavering commitment to quality. The coffees they source undergo regular FDA inspections. Additionally, multiple times a year, they conduct their own random checks on coffees that are often deemed high-risk, such as Mexican and Sumatran origins. There results have never shown the existence of mycotoxins, which has also been backed by independent tests conducted by independent testing.

Role of Water Activity (Aw) in Mold Prevention

To understand why our specialty coffees are virtually mold-free, it’s essential to consider water activity (Aw). Water activity is a critical parameter used across the food and beverage industries to control microorganism growth. Most microorganisms cannot proliferate below 0.7000 Aw, and strains that produce mycotoxins are inhibited at even higher levels, typically in the 0.7000 to 0.8000 range.

Specialty Coffee’s Advantage

Our green coffee beans consistently demonstrate water activity levels well below the threshold for microbial growth. In fact, the majority of the coffee we’ve measured over the past few years has been below 0.6000 Aw. Only a small fraction of our samples, less than 10 out of 25,000 or 30,000, showed measurements above 0.7000 Aw. This reaffirms our commitment to sourcing high-quality specialty coffees that are inherently less prone to mold and mycotoxin development.

Ember Coffee Co. maintains strict control over Aw levels in our coffee. The majority of our beans show water activity levels significantly below the threshold for microbial growth. This fact is a testament to our dedication to offering mold-free, specialty coffee in Minnesota.

The Importance of Production and Handling

Differentiating specialty coffee from commodity coffee extends beyond the taste in the cup. It encompasses the entire production and handling process. Commercial coffees and some lower-grade specialty coffees are more susceptible to the conditions that promote microbial activity due to their higher water activity levels and less meticulous processing and handling. In contrast, our specialty coffees are sourced with utmost care, ensuring optimal water activity levels and superior quality.

Moisture Content and Mycotoxins

Another crucial factor in mold development and mycotoxin production is moisture content (MC). Coffees with moisture content below 12% are very unlikely to harbor mycotoxins. Even coffees stored in GrainPro bags, which provide additional protection, are even less likely to be affected.

Moisture content (MC) is another crucial factor in preventing mold development. Coffees with MC below 12% are less likely to harbor mycotoxins. This level of quality control, combined with optimal storage conditions, make our specialty coffees an excellent choice for those seeking mold-free coffee.

Production and Handling

What separates us from commodity coffee is our meticulous approach to the entire production and handling process. We ensure optimal water activity levels and superior quality, creating a distinctive specialty coffee experience in Big Lake, MN.

At Ember Coffee Co. in Big Lake, MN, we stand behind the quality of our specialty coffee. From farm to cup, we prioritize excellence, ensuring a truly exceptional, mold-free coffee experience for you, our valued customer. Experience the finest specialty coffee in Minnesota with us, and let every sip transport you to a world of flavor that is free from concerns about molds or mycotoxins.