Twin Cities Live Spotlight! - Ember Coffee Co.

Twin Cities Live Spotlight!

We have exciting news for coffee lovers! Ember Coffee Co., our local roastery and coffeehouse, recently had the honor of being featured on Twin Cities Live. One of their hosts, Kelli Hanson, visited us, and the experience was truly memorable.

Twin Cities Live Screenshot

Click on the image above to watch the full segment featuring Ember Coffee Co. on Twin Cities Live.

Passion in the Spotlight

Being recognized by a popular show like Twin Cities Live was a humbling and surreal moment for us. It highlighted our dedication to sourcing exceptional coffee beans and creating a welcoming environment for coffee enthusiasts.

Kelli Hanson's visit was a testament to her genuine curiosity and appreciation for local businesses. We had the privilege of showcasing our roastery, sharing our story, and discussing our commitment to sustainable sourcing. Her enthusiasm and interest made us feel proud of our coffee journey.

Behind the Curtain

During the visit, Kelli witnessed our meticulous roasting process. We prioritize single-origin beans, carefully selected from renowned coffee-growing regions worldwide. Our skilled roasters demonstrated their expertise, fine-tuning each roast profile to unlock the unique flavors and nuances of every coffee variety.

The Impact

Being featured on Twin Cities Live has had a significant impact on Ember Coffee Co. It has increased our visibility and credibility within the Twin Cities coffee scene. We have seen a surge in interest from both new and loyal customers, who appreciate our dedication to delivering exceptional coffee experiences.

The Twin Cities Live spotlight was a memorable milestone for Ember Coffee Co. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and commitment to outstanding coffee with a broader audience. Kelli Hanson's visit reaffirmed our dedication to sourcing and roasting exceptional beans. We look forward to welcoming more coffee enthusiasts through our doors, providing them with the rich flavors and warm atmosphere that make Ember Coffee Co. special.