"We Are Ember Coffee" Premiers - Ember Coffee Co.

"We Are Ember Coffee" Premiers

 In the bustling realm of coffee, standing out requires not just a good bean, but a revolutionary approach to roasting it. Some venture into this world chasing the traditional methods, while others, like Ember Coffee, carve out a niche by doing something nearly forgotten. Dive into their story below, a tale of passion, innovation, and a commitment to community – all encapsulated in the art of air roasting.

We Are Ember Coffee

It used to be 5%. It's down to 1% of the world population now who air roasts. No one else does it. We're pioneers in this area. We both had a background in coffee, but we both shared a love for our community. How can we bring something beautiful to our town and to the people around us?

The official date was July 3, 2021. We were both like, “Alright, here we go.” When we weren't working, we were working. I remember so many late night and then turn right around for an early morning. You got to hustle. Making something beautiful is hard work. In 2023, we were voted Best Coffee in Minnesota by Star Tribune. A real honor.

One thing we've always about is pioneering. We say we’re building our ship at sea. We always want to  be ahead of the curve and doing stuff that no one's done. And that's what got us headed in the direction of air roasted, fair trade coffee. By roasting coffee you’re changing it. There’s a lot going on as you’re roasting. When you're air roasting, you're using hot air convection, it floats the beans on a bed of hot air. It's like every bean has been roasted individually.

Air roasted coffee is super smooth with none of that harsh acidity. There's no soot. There's no burnt bitterness, you're not trying to hide the taste. We're a family run business. We've been family run since day one. We've had family working here, and now our kids—and then friends who become family. I've always wanted to create something that I can feel proud of and to hear other people talk about how exceptional our coffee is. Feels good to know that Ember Coffee is popping up in restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks. And we can personally say we know it's probably one of the best products of coffee out there. We’re Ember Coffee and we’re making the world beautiful, one bean at a time.