Congo Muungano | Ember Coffee Co.
Congo Muungano | Ember Coffee Co.
Congo Muungano | Ember Coffee Co.

Congo Muungano

bright peach and plum, black tea, brown sugar, with hints of clove

Introducing Congo Muungano

Discover the enchanting flavors of Congo Muungano, a light-roasted gem from the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, brought to you by Ember Coffee. Sourced from the Muungano Cooperative in South Kivu, this coffee is a testament to the spirit of unity and excellence. At altitudes ranging from 1480 to 2000 meters above sea level, the mainly Bourbon genetic varieties thrive, producing beans that are fully washed and roasted to perfection at 427°F.

This exquisite coffee boasts a flavor profile as vibrant and diverse as its community, featuring notes of lemon-lime, cranberry, and apple juice, with succulent peach undertones and a delicate black tea essence. The experience is rounded off with a barley finish, highlighted by brown sugar and clove nuances, creating a complex and layered cup. Its bright acidity and full body culminate in an SCA cupping score of 86.25, reflecting its exceptional quality.

About the Coffee Grower

Nestled on the shores of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo lies the Muungano cooperative, a beacon of hope and exceptional coffee. Founded in 2009, Muungano, which translates to "togetherness" in Swahili, brings together nearly 4,400 smallholder farmers, almost half of whom are women. This cooperative fosters gender equality, integrates diverse ethnicities, and prioritizes sustainable practices – a mission that resonates deeply with us here at Ember Coffee.

Muungano's dedication shines through in the quality of their coffee. Despite facing numerous challenges, from limited infrastructure to a complex political landscape, the co-op consistently produces exceptional coffee. Their meticulous processing methods elevate even lower-grade beans, and their recent investment in a dry mill further empowers them and other local cooperatives.

One-third of Muungano's members, many of them widowed and sole providers in a society with entrenched gender inequality, find hope and empowerment through the GALS initiative. This program fosters collaboration between women and men, highlighting imbalances and the benefits of equality. By equipping women with skills to manage finances and households, GALS empowers them to take on a stronger role within the cooperative.


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