We Won Minnesota's Best Coffee! - Ember Coffee Co.

We Won Minnesota's Best Coffee!

Reprinted from Minnesota's Best (Aug 2023)

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Ember Coffee Co., established in 2021, is a standout in Minnesota's restaurant and coffee shop scene. Co-founded by Elisa Berry alongside her husband Matt, it’s a testament to the couple’s enterprising spirit and value for a fantastic culture that produces fantastic coffee. The shop is nestled in Big Lake, Minnesota and consistently draws in customers with its specialty-grade, air-roasted coffee.

At Ember, the science and art of coffee roasting are delicately blended. They distinguish themselves from conventional coffee roasters with their unique air-roasting method. This technique reduces the acidity that can be distasteful for some coffee drinkers, and it also prevents the scorching of beans. The outcome is a full-bodied coffee that strikes a balance of flavors, low acidity, and almost no bitterness.

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This upstart roastery has coupled a love for quality with a pledge to ethical sourcing, resulting in a brew that goes beyond the ordinary. Ember selects beans by hand and ethically sources them from premier coffee-producing regions across the world. This makes a significant impact one sustainably sourced bean at a time—and this small-batch artisan roaster invites everyone to taste the difference. After roasting, these beans yield a coffee that is rich in flavor and low in acidity. 

Coffee connoisseurs love the rich flavors on the palate and the smooth, balanced taste that Ember’s coffee provides. Because of this, it has gained the respect of award-winning restaurants and family-owned dining establishments across Minnesota in addition to their local community. Recognizing the importance of coffee in the dining experience, these establishments have turned to Ember to give their customers an exceptional cup of coffee. Some have even worked with Ember Coffee's roastmaster to create custom roasts that complement the distinct personalities and flavor profiles of the coffee shops and restaurants they serve.

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Each bean's journey at Ember Coffee starts long before it is roasted. Every bag of green coffee is ethically sourced and plays a part in empowering the coffee growers. The Ember team puts forth a lot of effort to make sure that growers, particularly those that are owned by women, can prosper and make a living wage. As a woman-owned company, it's important that Ember Coffee give special attention to female coffee growers.

However, Ember Coffee’s task does not end there. Their goal extends beyond just selling great coffee; a portion of Ember’s proceeds goes to nonprofits that support those who are exploited and marginalized, particularly victims of sex trafficking in India and Ukraine. 

Ember's philosophy is firmly grounded in the conviction that a wonderful coffee experience can be a catalyst for positive change on a global scale. They picture a time when each freshly brewed cup not only promises exceptional flavor but also contributes to a global cause.

The core values at Ember Coffee include consistently providing high-quality goods, being kind to others, and fostering relationships with the community. Their coffee is much more than just a beverage; it's a way of life that combines the satisfaction of exceptional flavor with the fulfillment of making a difference in the world.

burlap bag from coffee beans

Their story is a testament to how a simple cup of coffee can become a tool for change. By intertwining the art of roasting coffee with a commitment to ethical sourcing and humanitarian aid, Ember is seeking to redefine the coffee experience. Their rich, smooth, and low-acidity coffee is not just a pleasure to one’s palate, but also a force for good in the world, proving that they truly roast to brew good works.

Ember Coffee Co. is more than a coffee company. It is a hub for change, a community advocate, and a champion of ethical business practices. With their exceptional air-roasted coffee they are brewing a revolution in their industry and proving that every sip of coffee can contribute to a better and more equitable world. Ember extends an open invitation to coffee lovers everywhere to join them in their mission to “brew good and do good.”