Ember Coffee K-Pods

Ember Coffee Company’s K-Pods are the best K-Cup alternative you'll ever taste. Our K-Pods are NOT like mass-produced, foil-sealed K-Cups. We painstakingly dialed in the optimal combination of grind size and coffee weight to ensure a perfectly extracted cup of coffee. They're also 100% recyclable

Our single-serve coffee pods offer a superior brewing experience. Unlike paper filters, our pleated polypropylene (PP) filter preserves delicate flavors and prevents channeling. With our DeepBrew™ design and super-strong filter, you can enjoy up to 50% more coffee, or as much as 15 grams, for a richer brew or larger mug. Our K-pods are also the only 100% recyclable option on the market, using #5 Recyclable PP for the cup, lid, and filter. The SmartSeal™ keeps coffee fresh and allows for easy disposal of used grounds.

Frequently Asked

Air roasted coffee uses hot air to roast beans uniformly, eliminating the risk of scorching. This method produces a cleaner, brighter cup, highlighting the bean's true flavors and reducing bitterness. It's a refined experience compared to traditionally drum-roasted coffee.

Absolutely! Ember Coffee's specialty K-cups are meticulously crafted to be compatible with both Keurig v1 and v2 models. As expert coffee roasters, we ensure every cup seamlessly blends with your machine, guaranteeing a perfect brew across all Keurig versions.

Each order is roasted to order so your order will ship within two business days after your purchase. After your first purchase, it will ship based on the frequency you choose.

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