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Mystery Coffee Bag

Discover the thrill of surprise with our Mystery Coffee Bag! Each bag is a unique experience, carefully selected from our range of exceptional coffees. It could be one of our beloved staple blends, known for their consistent and delightful profiles.

You might even receive our Roaster's Choice, a special treat that brings new and exciting tastes to your cup. No matter which bag you get, it's an opportunity to explore the diverse world of coffee with each brew.

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Better Brew

Air Roasted in Big Lake, MN

Frequently Asked

Air roasted coffee uses hot air to roast beans uniformly, eliminating the risk of scorching. This method produces a cleaner, brighter cup, highlighting the bean's true flavors and reducing bitterness. It's a refined experience compared to traditionally drum-roasted coffee.

Each order is roasted to order so your order will ship within two business days after your purchase. After your first purchase, it will ship based on the frequency you choose.

Every two weeks your coffee will change to new coffees chosen by our coffee buying team.

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