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A Tale of Justice + Roaster's Choice

This month at Ember Coffee, we're brewing something special. Our Roaster's Choice selection isn't just about the perfect cup, it's about making a positive impact with every sip. We're featuring beans from Congo Muungano, a remarkable cooperative dedicated to empowering female farmers and promoting sustainable practices.

About the Roast

  • ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • PRODUCER: Muungano Cooperative
  • PROCESS: Fully washed
  • REGION: South Kivu
  • ALTITUDE: 1480-2000 masl
  • GENETIC VARIETIES: Mainly Bourbon
  • CERTIFICATION: Fair Trade, Organic

Flavor Profile

Notes of lemon-lime, cranberry, apple juice, peach, and black tea with a barley finish, bright acidity, and full body. Brown sugar, and clove come together in this complex, layered cup. (SCA cupping score of 86.25) 🤌

Muungano + Social Change

Nestled on the shores of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo lies the Muungano cooperative, a beacon of hope and exceptional coffee. Founded in 2009, Muungano, which translates to "togetherness" in Swahili, brings together nearly 4,400 smallholder farmers, almost half of whom are women. This cooperative fosters gender equality, integrates diverse ethnicities, and prioritizes sustainable practices – a mission that resonates deeply with us here at Ember Coffee.

Muungano's dedication shines through in the quality of their coffee. Despite facing numerous challenges, from limited infrastructure to a complex political landscape, the co-op consistently produces exceptional coffee. Their meticulous processing methods elevate even lower-grade beans, and their recent investment in a dry mill further empowers them and other local cooperatives.

Empowering Female Growers

One-third of Muungano's members, many of them widowed and sole providers in a society with entrenched gender inequality, find hope and empowerment through the GALS initiative. This program fosters collaboration between women and men, highlighting imbalances and the benefits of equality. By equipping women with skills to manage finances and households, GALS empowers them to take on a stronger role within the cooperative.

Zawadi Kalwira, a member and mother of four, exemplifies: "GALS changed my life. Before, I struggled, but now I can make informed decisions for myself and my family." This initiative strengthens not only individual women, but also families and the entire community, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Beyond the delicious coffee, Muungano's impact extends to the well-being of their community. They actively invest in their members, offering literacy and income-generating skills development programs, particularly for women. Additionally, using Fairtrade funds, they are constructing a much-needed community and maternal health clinic to serve not only the cooperative but also the surrounding communities.

Roaster's Choice

We are incredibly proud to partner with Muungano. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community empowerment aligns perfectly with our values. Every cup of Muungano coffee is a testament to their dedication and a reminder of the positive impact our choices can have on the world.

Here at Ember, we believe that the coffee we drink can be a force for good. When you choose our Roaster's Choice, you're joining us on a journey that goes beyond the flavor experience. You're making a conscious decision to support ethical sourcing and empower the people who bring us this incredible coffee.

So, this month, brew a cup with purpose. Dive into the unique story of Congo Muungano and explore the vibrant flavors of their exceptional roast. And remember, every cup can be a cup of change.