Innovative Single Serve Pods


We all know the catch. It seems so easy, but what you get is a watered-down bland version of the cup of coffee that you're craving. We won’t drink coffee like that and neither should you. At Ember Coffee, we thought you deserve a better option. Leading the way in innovation. Our single serve pods are not your typical pod.

For starters, we've reimagined everything about pod technology to give you the best single serve specialty coffee experience. Other pods fill just a small portion of their available space with coarse ground over-roasted, low-quality coffee. Our pods maximize the use of space through a special deep brewing capsule that allows the water to have full contact with a finer grind of our top-quality coffee—and on top of that, we actually provide 50% more coffee per cup than your old pod.

Our unique lid style seals tightly to keep in freshness but off-gases CO2 for a pod that won't explode or go stale. Did you say stale? That’s right. Conventional brands actually have to use stale coffee or risk the pods exploding as they sit on warehouse and grocery store shelves for months on end.

The strength of our poly “P” filter also allows for finer grinds to be used, resulting in a pod that puts your coffee into the ideal balance between strength and extraction. The depth, strength, and double-pleated style of the filter avoids channeling, allowing for a high extraction rate and a better cup of coffee--and what you get is a rich full-flavored single-serve cup of coffee. 

That's not all that makes the Ember Coffee pod unique. When you're done with your brew, simply separate the pod pieces and recycle. Our Zero Waste design is all about our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. We take it to heart and want to ensure that you can too.

Convenient, flavorful, responsible. Our Ember Coffee pods are a better kind of pod. Try one for your next cup and experience the excellence of Ember Coffee Company.